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    The Construction Registers Service comprises the Register of Contractors and the Register of Projects which have been established in terms of the CIDB Act (Act 38 of 2000). It is mandatory for all public sector clients to apply to the Register of Contractors when considering construction works tenders.
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Why do I need to register?

The Register of Contractors (RoC) is a macro risk management tool to support clients to better procure for infrastructure.The RoC categorizes and grades contractors according to financial and works capability to carry out construction projects. Grades range from 1 to 9. All contractors seeking to participate in public sector infrastructure delivery must be registered on the cidb Register of Contractors.

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How long does it take to get a CIDB certificate?

It takes 21 working days to register. The 21 day turnaround time applies to applications that are complete and compliant with the requirements of the grade the contractor is applying for. Grade 1 applications only take 48 hours to be processed and for registration to reflect on the cidb website.

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