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We handle all the paper work and correspondence to SARS. The process is completed in 3 - 14 days.

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Our Clients

We've helped thousands of SME's register for PAYE online. We are trusted by  big brands such Absa, Standard Bank, Old Mutual and more more to process registrations on behalf of their clients.

How does the process work?

Step 1: Apply Online

Click on the "Register for PAYE" button and submit your application. It takes less than 2 minutes

Step 2: Make Payment

Our billing team will send you an invoice via email and SMS. Pay using a credit card, EFT or ATM deposit.

Step 3: Registration Complete

We will register your company for PAYE and send your PAYE registration documents within a couple of days.

Why register for PAYE

According to the Act, an employer must register with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) within 21 business days after becoming an employer, unless none of the employees are liable for normal tax. All employees that earn a salary above the threshold & work more than 24 hrs a month, are liable for normal tax. The tax threshold for individuals younger than 65 is R6950 per month.
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The top 3 benefits of being PAYE registered

Able to register for SDL

An employer, also needs to register to pay SDL and UIF contributions.

Automatic registration for UIF

Once registered, you will automatically be registered for UIF with SARS. Please note that you will still need to register separately with the DOL.

Pay UIF online

You can save time and costs and pay your UIF together with your PAYE amount.

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