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World-Class Digital Support Services for SMME's

About Us

SMTAX is a digital tax and accounting firm that is a leader in the online solutions space. SMTAX is making it easier for individuals to start and manage their companies efficiently, and to manage their compliance with a particular focus on creating tax advantages. We also assist individuals file their tax returns conveniently, quickly and affordably- allowing them to experience an enjoyable tax season.

Our vision is to increase the financial inclusion of black and previously disadvantaged individuals, thereby contributing to the transformation of our country. In that spirit, we target small to medium companies and start-ups, with a particular focus on black-owned companies, to support them by offering advice, financial accounting and reporting, business intelligence, compliance solutions affordably.

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"A good accountant gives you insights into running your business. A smart accountant gives you the information you need in a way that you can use it. An ideal accountant offers you a solution to simplify your financial and reporting processes from day one. The SMTAX platform includes the good, the smart, and the ideal in an easy to use one-stop shop platform ." - Sivenathi Nontshiza

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