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    Register Your Business for UIF Online
    Quick & Easy, 48 hours or Less.

    No paperwork ♦ Online ID Verification ♦ No monthly fees ♦ R950 once-off cost
    Register for UIF Online

When must your register for UIF?

If your are an employer then you must register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). Your company must also be registered with the UIF in order to be eligible for the Government Relief Fund. Your employees will also not be able to claim UIF benefits if you are not registered for UIF.

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Extra value added services:

♦ Letter of Good Standing

♦ Free notifications and reminders about UIF

♦ Discounted Payroll Software

♦ Assistance with filing UIF

♦ Access to our SMTAX business community


Fast & Simple

It’s simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Stay Compliant

Company information is automatically filed and kept up to date with CIPC.

Your data is secure

Your personal data is kept 100% secure via 256-bit SSL.

Free Notifications

We will notify you when your SARS and CIPC returns are due

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

  1. All you have to do is CLICK the button that says “Get Started”. 
  2. You’ll a get short form to fill in. It’s nothing intrusive - It’s just so we can get to know you better e.g. name & contact details    
  3. Then you can make a small payment of R950 (down 45% from our normal price)
  4. After that, you’ll just have to submit a copy of your ID.

That’s all you have to do

Can I get refund if I'm not happy with the service?

We so confident that you'll be happy with registering your company with us  that we'll give you all your money back if you're not satisfied with our service. That's right 100% CASH BACK If you don't like our service

How to I access the SMTAX Community?

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Why should I register with SMTAX instead of Department of Labour?

Registering your company for UIF is not rocket science. 

But here’s the thing, just because it’s not rocket science, it doesn’t mean that it’s a walk in the park. There is a learning curve you’ll have to go through before you can even start to think about making registering your company for UIF quickly and easily.If you get just one little thing wrong in one little document, it could set you back days, if not weeks. 

Registering your  business is not just about going online and submitting a few documents, there is more to it.  We make it even quicker and easier for you, even if you already know how to do it yourself. 

What other benefits do I get?

By being part of the SMTAX community you get great discounts from our partners such as Xero, Old Mutual and many more.