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For businesses looking to access alternative funding, SMTAX partners offer competitive rates, fixed & variable monthly payments and no early repayment fees. Do you need business funding? We will help you apply with all the relevant documentation.

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SMTAX Transire

SMTAX Transire is a Business Accelerator offering that supports SMMEs through their entrepreneurial journey with education, mentorship, finance and access to new markets - all while backed by world-class digital business support services tailored to SMMEs at different stages of business. 

We are committed to walking the journey with our small business clients, from entrepreneur start-ups to sustainable enterprises.

Small business owners often find it challenging to build a sustainable and resilient business that is also attractive to funders. SMTAX Transire aims to bridge the gap between funding and business support services to ultimately improve the sustainability of SMME’s.

What are the main objectives of SMTAX Transire


To strengthen the business acumen and capacity in high-growth potential SMMEs through tailored immersive learning, driven by insights on specific business needs.


Embrace collaboration and partnerships between multiple stakeholders in the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Promote the ability for SMMEs to create sustainable impact particularly through knowledge sharing.


Harness the power of technology and business support services to facilitate lean SMME operations.

​How can we help your small business?

Transire Accelerator

Get access to technical business consultants, experienced business coaching and certified business advisors for support tailored to your entrepreneurship journey. 

This program allows you to receive expert advice as you make decisions to scale your business.

Services include:

  • Pre-Investment Support
  • Post Investment Accelerator
  • Mentorship Support
  • SMME Training
  • Funding Readiness

SMME Services

Stay on top of your business finances and compliance with ease. 

Manage your business on world-class financial systems anytime, anywhere, from any device - and collaborate with your business partners, accountant, tax consultant in real-time to ensure full visibility and 

Services include:

  • Accounting Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Financial Systems Setup & Training
  • Financial Projections

Funding Readiness

Increase the likelihood of getting the right funding you need for your business at the right time. 

We will review and facilitate all your funding applications. Get your business funding ready and get exposure to various types of funding opportunities.

Services include:

  • Purchase Order Funding 
  • Working Capital
  • Vehicle and Asset Finance
  • Franchise Funding
  • Commercial Property Finance

Why should you choose SMTAX Transire?

SMTAX's vision is to grow the economy through improving financial inclusion and using technology as our main tool for a larger impact. We aim to do this by assisting small businesses to start and grow their business, and empowering them with financial insights, literacy and ease of doing business. We are human at heart, and aim to build lasting relationships with the entrepreneurs and individuals we support.

Market Leader

We are a market leader in digital SMME support solutions in South Africa

Real-time Insights

Our service offering provides you with real-time insights to help you make informed decisions .

Improved Profits

Our Accounting, tax and business -advisory is built to ensure improved business profitability.

BBBEE Level 1

SMTAX is a black owned business and is trusted by more than 5 000 small business owners.

About our Partners

Old Mutual Masisizane Fund  has grown into much more than a development funding institution. We are committed to driving broader change through our work. This means offering development support and close collaboration with the entrepreneurs we invest in, to ensure their sustainability and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Transire Accelerator process work?

All you need to do to access the benefits of the Transire Accelerator is to sign up and follow 5 easy steps. Once you have signed up and upon receipt of payment, you will be eligible for 12 months’ worth of ongoing support where you will receive ongoing mentorship, coaching, training, pre and post investment support. 


An added benefit of being a part of the Transire Accelerator is that you get free access to the SMME Funding Readiness program where you will be assisted in getting the funding you require for your business.

Which type of company qualify for the accelerator?

SMMEs that are currently trading and have a minimum of R5000 turnover per month. The business needs to be more than 6 months old and registered with CIPC

Can I get refund if I'm not happy with the service?

We are so confident that you'll be happy with our services that we'll give you all your money back if you're not satisfied. That's right 100% CASH BACK If you don't like our service. T&Cs apply 

How do I get access to funding opportunities?

Sign up for the Funding Readiness program and get positioned for funding opportunities. Kindly note that all clients that sign up for the accelerator are automatically eligible for the Funding Readiness support at no additional charge

Why should I apply to join SMTAX Transire?

We are a market leader in digital SMME support solutions in South Africa. By signing up with SMTAX Transire your business is guaranteed to be transitioned in a sustainable way – your SMME will grow, gain access to new markets and you as an entrepreneur will mentored and coached to be positioned for success. 


At SMTAX Transire we are committed to walking the journey with our small business clients, from entrepreneur start-ups to sustainable enterprises.

What other benefits do I get?

Over and above the service offering, you will get real time insights about your business and sound business advice to help you improve profits and the sustainability of your business. You will be added to the existing SMTAX business community and receive updates and information about opportunities in the SMME ecosystem. As an SMTAX Transire client, you will also get invited to broader SMTAX workshops and masterclasses on tax, accounting and compliance.