• Invest in Small Business

    We are pioneering an online Credit Marketplace that enables SME's to access affordable debt capital and Investors (Institutional and Retail) to access a new asset class, i.e Alternative Credit, thereby earning attractive, fixed income returns.  Our credit Marketplace provides Investors with a breadth of diversity, which enables them to create better risk adjusted portfolios.

Fund Small Business

Our pipeline

We have thousands of small business clients that are looking to access alternative funding, We offer SME's unique offer competitive rates, fixed & variable monthly payments and no early repayment fees.

Access growth or working capital

Affordable funding

Invest between R10 000 and R 100 000; over variable terms (max. 48 months), subject to application criteria and process.

Market Place

We use an online Credit Marketplace to find investment opportunities on your behalf without charging high management fees.

Low costs

Small business benefit from being able to access lower cost to capital. Only charge a percentage of the amount funded. No initiation fees.

How does the process work?

Apply Online

Click on the "Get Started" button and submit your application. It takes less than 2 minutes


Shortly thereafter, should you qualify, you will receive an email with your pre-approval proposal and quote. 

Make Payment

Once quote is accepted, our billing team will send you an invoice. Pay using a credit card, EFT or ATM deposit.

Loan Approval

We will then send your application and supporting documents for final approval & dispursement

Environmental Risk

Environmental risk, mostly refers to the industry in which you operate. Also looks at the industry in which your customers operates.

Financial Risk

Financial risk is mostly determined by your companies financial state. We look at your monthly cash flows and the security you have to offer. 

Management Risk

Management risks takes into account the skills, commitment and ability of the owners and management.

Our Partners