• Business Coaching

    For businesses who are looking at taking their business vision to another level and ensure the strategies to grow the business are well implemented and monitored for effectiveness. The coaching relationship is customised to the individual, organisation and their context. 

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

For businesses looking to access business coaching, SMTAX partners offer competitive rates, fixed & variable monthly payments and no early repayment fees. Are you funding ready? Take the test to find out.

Customised Business Coaching Services: 

Transition Coaching

Suitable for businesses starting a new projects or going through significant changes in the company.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Designed for individuals running their own business and performing all technical tasks in the company. 

Leadership Coaching

Taking the business into the future. Most suitable for strategic thinking and planning. 

How does the process work?

Apply Online

Click on the "Get Started" button and submit your application. It takes less than 2 minutes

Introduction Meeting

Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email to book a introduction session with your business coach.

Make Payment

Your coach will send you an estimated quote. Once quote is accepted, we will send you an invoice.


You will meet with the business coach and will undergo business coaching session to improve your business.

Environmental Risk

Environmental risk, mostly refers to the industry in which you operate. Also looks at the industry in which your customers operates.

Financial Risk

Financial risk is mostly determined by your companies financial state. We look at your monthly cash flows and the security you have to offer. 

Management Risk

Management risks takes into account the skills, commitment and ability of the owners and management.

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