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The smartest way to file your VAT returns

SMTAX is one of South Africa's fastest growing online income tax return intermediary and registered SARS tax practitioner.


Step 1: Complete the online registration form. Our tax expert will review your form for any errors.


Step 2: Provide access to your accounting software or email the requested financial documents .


Step 3: Make payment and send proof of payment via email to info@smtax.co.za


Step 4: Wait 2 - 5 working days while we complete and submit your VAT return. It's that easy :)

We work with the following accounting packages and more...


Easy, Secure and Fast

The easiest and the fastest way to file your income tax return. Your information is secure and always protected.


Maximum refund possible

Our tax experts will ensure that you take full advantage of all possible deductions and tax exemptions available to you.


Available 24x7

You can file your tax return anytime, anywhere. You don't have to waste time queuing for hours at the SARS office or your phone bill calling the SARS help line

 Why 1000+ clients trust SMTAX to submit their returns?

We provide simple, convenient and professional solutions to assist our clients with all their tax requirements. We are an innovative tax firm with a complete e-commerce solution, this means we are able to provide services which are tailored to each individual's needs completely online. This is why we have a happy client base spanning across South Africa, especially in major cities such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Our average turn around time of less than 4 days as well as our competitive prices makes us an ideal tax firm to use in filing your tax returns.

  • Quick, safe and easy application.
  • 100% Transparent Fee Structure.
  • Pay after your return has been assessed by SARS.
  • Your privacy and personal  information is always secured.
  • We have excellent response times to emails, comments and requests.
  • We prepare your business tax returns at competitive prices.
  • Your return is completed by a professional tax practitioner and you receive professional tax advice on a wide range of topics.
  • You don't have to waste time queuing for hours at the SARS office or your phone bill calling the SARS help line.
  • You get access to tax planning that suits your individual needs so that you can maximise the benefit of your tax status.