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    Don’t have the time or expertise to accurately handle your tax return? Let us handle it – we’re the experts.

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    Tax Risk Cover

    SARS randomly selects returns for review & audit, tax risk cover is the most effective protection for you and your business if you’re ever selected for an audit by SARS. When you’re covered for tax risk, your tax audit problem becomes ours. Most importantly for you, the cost of tax specialists to defend your case is covered by us. Also you we will also submit your tax return for you taking the stress of filing on time away from you. See other benefits below

    Tax Return Submission

    Individuals and sole traders who earn an income (from a salary, director fees, commission, trading fees, dividends etc.) must file a tax return every year before 31 October.

    Tax Advisory

    "Don't let the tax tail wag the business dog". It is important to understand the tax implications of financial and business transactions.

    Tax Audits & Disputes

    SARS randomly selects returns for review & audit. In the event that your return is selected for an audit we will communicate with SARS on your behalf.

    Financial Conselling

    Our experts will ensure that you take advantage of possible tax deductions and exemptions.  This way you get access to advice that suits your individual needs..

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