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Our easy to navigate online platform makes statutory registration easy, faster and more affordable. SMTAX is the best registration platform in South Africa. Trusted by more than 4000 entrepreneurs & corporate partners. We can assist you with Company Registrations, Tax Registrations and Other statutory registrations.

Company Registrations


Private Company

A private company is the most common and simplest form of company to be registered. example engineering firms, consulting firms and general trading.


Non-Profit Company 

A non-profit company is a company incorporated for public benefit or other object relating to one or more cultural or social activities, or communal or group interest.


Personal Liability 

A personal liability company is most common amongst lawyers and doctors. The directors of personal liability companies are jointly and severally liable together with the company for any debts..



A Trust can be established in your will in order to hold and administer assets on behalf of a beneficiary. 

SARS Registrations


VAT Registration

R950 / once-off

It is mandatory for a business to register for VAT if the total sales is likely to exceed R1 million .How ever a business can voluntary register for VAT if total sales are likely to exceed R50 000. per year.


PAYE Registration

R450 / once-off

An employer must register with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) within 21 business days after becoming an employer, unless none of the employees are liable for normal tax (Earn less than R5500 per month) .


Import/Export Registration

R1 500 / once-off

Any person (local or foreign) who import goods into South Africa must register as an importer. Any person (local) who exports good/services out of south africa must register as an exporter.

Other Statutory Registrations


COIDA Registration

R950 / once-off

The “Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act” (COIDA) states that all South African persons who employ one or more employees, in connection with their business must comply with the COIDA Act.


UIF Registration

R450 / once-off

If you have an employee who works 24 hours or more in a month for you, you need to register with the Department of Labour for UIF.


CIDB Registration

R1200 / once-off

The Register of Contractors grades and categorises contractors according to financial and works capability. It is mandatory for public sector clients to apply the Register of Contractors when considering construction works tenders.

Other Services

BB-BEE Certificate

R100 / once-off

Tax Clearance Certificate

R300 / once-off

Shareholder Certificate

R50 / once-off

CIPC Annual Returns

R300 / once-off

Letter of Good Standing

R300 / once-off

Company Changes

R450 / once-off

Benefits of using SMTAX


Available 24x7

We have an online system so you can file your CIPC returns anytime, anywhere. We have excellent response times to emails & messages.


Easy, Secure and Fast

Our online application is quick, safe and easy. We have a 100% transparent fee structure so you know exactly how much you will pay for our service.


Expert Advice

Our experts will ensure that you take advantage of possible deductions and exemptions.  This way you get access to advice that suits your individual needs.


Affordable prices

We use technology and innovative solutions to ensure that the tax return process is seamless and as automated as possible. This gives you more value for your money.

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