Special Offer: Submit your tax returns from only  R299

File your personal tax return in 5 minute.

File your tax return simpler, faster and cheaper

SMTAX is one of South Africa's fastest growing digital accountants and registered SARS tax practitioners in South Africa. Our step-by-step process asks you basic information about your salary, investments and deductions. Based on your answers, you will need to send us supporting documents e.g. IRP5 Certificate, Once we receive the documents our platform calculates your refund for you and then files your tax return directly to SARS.

Benefits of using SMTAX


Available 24x7

We have an online system so you can file your tax returns anytime, anywhere. We have excellent response times to emails & messages.


Quick, Easy and Safe

Our online application is quick, safe and easy. We have a 100% transparent fee structure so you know exactly how much you will pay for our service..


Expert Advice

Our tax experts will ensure that you take advantage of possible tax deductions and exemptions.  This way you get access to advice that suits your individual needs.


Affordable prices

We use technology and innovative solutions to ensure that the tax return process is seamless and as automated as possible. This gives you more value for your money.

How does it work?


Step 1: 

Click on the  "Get Started" button and complete the online form by answering the 5 easy "Yes" or "No" questions.


Step 2

Upload the requested documents.  Alternatively you can also email your documents to tax@smtax.co.za after you have submitted the online form.


Step 3: 

You will receive an online quotation based on your answers in step 2. Make payment and send proof of payment to billing@smtax.co.za


Step 4:

SMTAX will authenticate your details and submit your tax return on your behalf. Once return has been assessed  SARS will pay your refund into your bank account.

 How much does it cost?

Our price ranges from : R299

Please note:  SARS randomly selects returns for verification or audits. Should your return be selected for an audit by SARS we will  charge you an additional fee. We charge a percentage based fee of 8.5% of the total amount refund.