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Import & Export License Registration

How to register?

1. Complete the online application form

2. Submit the below required supporting documents

Required Supporting documents

  • One of the following documents to prove bank details i.e. the account holder’s name, bank account number and bank branch code:
- An original bank statement or a legible certified copy of an original bank statement;
- An original letter from the bank; or
- An original auto bank statement.

  • - Registration certificate of business (as issued by the Registrar of Companies or Master of the Supreme Court in the case of a Trust);
  • Resolution/consent or other authority to apply, as applicable;
  • Municipal account to confirm the address details;
  • Detailed site plan in the case of a warehouse or a rebate store;
  • Agency Contract between agent and foreign principal;
  • DA 185.D to prove nomination by a foreign principal in the case of an application for a registered agent;
  • VAT, Income Tax, PAYE, SDL, UIF letters from SARS to confirm revenue registration details;
  • A fixed telephone line operator’s and/or cell phone account to confirm contact details;
  • A letter to the applicant signed by the SEZ Operator on his or her own letter-headed paper approving the allocation of land in the CCA;
  • Identity/passport documents of all directors