Company Re-Instatement

CIPC will only re-instate a company or close corporation if:

  • The company or close corporation was in business at the time of deregistration (Sufficient documentary evidence in the form of bank statements for a period of six months before and six months after deregistration are required).
  • Immovable property is registered in the name of the deregistered business; or
  • The court issued an order re-instating the company or close corporation.

Turnaround time : 15 working days

Supporting documents needs:

The following supporting documents must be sent to us via e-mail:

  • Certified ID copy of the applicant (director/member);
  • Certified ID copy of the customer filing the application;
  • Multiple Deed search - We will run the search on your behalf
  • Letter from the Department of Public Works, indicating that such department has no objection to the re-instatement, if it has immovable property
  • Mandate from the applicant on whose behalf the application is being submitted (we will send you a template)
  • Sufficient documentary proof indicating that the company or close corporation was in business  (Provide evidence that the company was conducting business related activities at the time of deregistration, namely bank statements for a 12 month period that runs over the date of deregistration) or that it had any outstanding assets or liabilities (e.g. property, intellectual property rights) at the time of deregistration.